Lucy McLauchlan: 'Three Gilded Sides of Losiny Ostrov'

Lucy McLauchlan: 'Three Gilded Sides of Losiny Ostrov'

Lucy McLauchlan (British, b.1977)

'Three Gilded Sides of Losiny Ostrov' (2018)

  • Acrylic and copper leaf on linen
  • 180cm x 180cm (70.8in x 70.8in)

Lucy McLauchlan is a Birmingham-based artist exploring the rhythms of nature to encourage a renewed environmental perspective. Her organic forms collaborate with space to emerge as beautiful site specific reflections.

Lucy’s large-scale monochromatic paintings - far from the typographic and stencilled imagery popularising the scene - covered billboards in China, houses in Gambia, windows in Japan, Norwegian lighthouses and abandoned NYC subway stations. In respect of her passion for painting outside, Lucy has always identified more as an urban artist than ‘street’ artist; at the time she started painting the term had yet to be coined. Creativity was about connecting with like-minded individuals that enriched and emboldened your practice.

Following an introduction from Mode 2, in 2004 Banksy invited Lucy to join Pictures on Walls, a group conceptually well aligned with the wider vision of Beat13, an international collective established by Lucy and Matt Watkins. Lucy would go on to feature in ground-breaking displays including ‘Santa’s Ghetto’, join galleries such as Lazarides, Studio Cromie and BLKMRKT, and have works acquired by prestigious collections such as the Victoria and Albert Museum. These spaces, producers and artists irrespective of style, all shared the same ethos in celebrating an energy around public art – ‘art for all’ born of a strong DIY attitude.

Three Gilded Sides of Losiny Ostrov had its original display for ‘Artmossphere’ street art biennale in Moscow. The simple geometric forms, subtle hues and fluid lines create a gentle juxtaposition with the bold contours of our ever expanding cities.