Sickboy: 'Wessleman's Dream'
Sickboy: 'Wessleman's Dream'

Sickboy: 'Wessleman's Dream'

Sickboy (British, b.1980)

'Wessleman's Dream' (2021)

  • Mixed media installation
  • 1800mm x 1000mm x 1500mm 

 Sickboy is one of the leading artists to emerge from Bristol's infamous graffiti scene to worldwide recognition. Exploring form, shape and colour, character based interventions create abstract and absurd situations through various media. In recent years his humorous works have migrated to digital space, challenging the bounds of our comprehension as concepts transition through physical space, medium and time.

With a legacy that reaches back to 1995, Sickboy was first recognised for his symbology and text-based work on the streets of Bristol. The iconic red and yellow street logo, The Temple, and his Save The Youth slogan have featured on walls and wheelie bins across the world. From these crude canvasses, Sickboy has developed a fine studio practice exploring paint on canvas, sculpture and layered digital labyrinths.

His ground-breaking London solo exhibition in 2008 was followed by an appearance in the Oscar-nominated film, Exit Through The Gift Shop, with audacious stunts, including the caged heart installation dropped outside Tate Modern. In 2015, Sickboy established Fluorescent Smogg, a fine art production house realising ground-breaking immersive exhibitions and editions with their team of master craftsmen, technicians and designers.

Wessleman's Dream is a visual demonstration of the fluidity with which Sickboy works: his dynamic creations exploding from beyond the canvas prompt the viewer to delve deeper into his impossible yet mesmerising realities.