Rowdy: '25 hours in Bristol (25 works)'

Rowdy: '25 hours in Bristol (25 works)'

Rowdy (British, b.1973)

'25 hours in Bristol (25 works)' (2021)

  • Spraypaint, acrylic, ink and enamel on canvas
  • SIgned and titled verso
  • Each 20cm x 20cm (7.8in x 7.8in)

Playful floats of crocodiles have been stalking Bristol's walls or decades courtesy of Rowdy, and in recent years these bold shapes have evolved to include fine, architectural impressions on canvas. Reaching back to the late '80s, the iconic works of Rowdy range from spray can on walls and characters on rocks, to abstract and gestural cityscapes of finger smudges on canvas.

Ambiguous compositions are honest reflections of his environment: politically charged yet deeply personal reflections of space. Whether literally drawing inspiration rom Bristol's iconic landscape, or collaging his vision with wider interests or colour-fields, the result is a fluid and evolving style celebrating alternative culture and its ongoing metamorphosis.