Paris: 'Rat/Pig-Pig/Dog (Zen Zodiac)'

Paris: 'Rat/Pig-Pig/Dog (Zen Zodiac)'

Paris (British, b.1974)

'Rat/Pig-Pig/Dog (Zen Zodiac)' (2021)

  • Graphenstone natural mineral based paints and spray enamel on canvas
  • 80cm x 80cm (31.5in x 31.5in)

Paris's artistic journey over the last 20 years has seen him constantly exploring and expanding on his aesthetic roots, embedded as they are firmly in the '70s/'80s New York and primordial UK styles that formed the backbone of his own first forays into graffiti in Hull in the early '90s.

This journey has seen him continuously reinventing, abstracting and crafting letterforms that bridge the gap between typography and style writing. More recently Paris's creative path has drawn him inside these letters, to open up a space where contrasting colours fade and blend and old skool motifs push their way out of the pigmented clouds.