CSR / Sustainability

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Policy brief & purpose

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy refers to our responsibility toward our environment and our community. It reflects our ethos and values as a team of people, with other organisations and the people we engage and the natural world.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) company policy outlines our commitment to awareness and giving back.


This policy applies to our company, our partners and the individuals we engage. It may also refer to our distribution decisions, merchandising objectives, or communication strategies.

Policy elements

We work to be accountable and impactful in both our cultural projects and our sustainable awareness. We have devised two areas of our CSR actions, Compliance and Proactiveness.


Our commitment to:

The law, maintaining open and transparent partnerships, business conduct, safety and respect to consumers, the natural environment, sourcing ecological alternatives where possible, to not risk the health of our teams or community, to support human rights, diversity, inclusion, and observe community values. We are committed to the UN Global Compact as an internal mandate.

We will listen.


Our commitment to:


Fight for human rights, help communities and protect natural environment, reinvest time and resources into our community, financial donations will advance the arts, education and community events, encouraging or sponsoring our team to volunteer in the community, recycle, conserve energy using environmentally friendly technologies, actively invest in research and development.

We will be better.