the book: essays and insights from local and international figures in a major overview of Bristol street art


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'BEHIND THE SCENE': an 11 part episodic journey through the exhibition

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Felix 'FLX' Braun: 'Vanguard Float' Jigsaw

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Will Barras: 'Blue Surfer', 16 colour screen print

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Welcome to Vanguard’s bespoke collection of artist-led merchandise produced in association with Vanguard’s blockbuster exhibition: Bristol Street Art: The Evolution of Global Movement.

Vanguard is curated by a collective of artists, musicians, specialists and consultants involved in the global street art movement and presented in association with Bristol Museums M Shed.

Through seven rooms we invited audiences from all over the world to come and learn about the evolution and some of the key stages in the Bristol timeline of graffiti culture. We charted it from the arrival of the US-influenced sub-culture in the 1980’s, through police clamp-downs, rebirth of the scene, the hubs that kept it alive, through to the explosion of street art into traditional gallery spaces, closing with an immersive look at the artists today using their global platforms to create meaningful positive change in the world. The exhibition bought together one of the largest collections of original works and memorabilia ever seen in the UK.

Outside of the exhibition, Vanguard partnered with Vans and Toward2030, What are you Doing? Launching an exciting city-wide, community-based outreach programme running throughout the duration, aligning with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The outreach programme promoted discussion and participation at the intersection of culture and sustainable action and included art activations across the city with some of the world’s leading street artists, 56 workshops, three film festival events at the Arnolfini and ended on our closing party where we hosted a collection of artwork for an auction to raise much needed funds for Bristol based charities Temwa and ABC..

If you missed the exhibition or want to find out more check out ‘Behind the Scene’, an 11 part episodic journey through the exhibition ‘Vanguard: Bristol Street Art, the Evolution of a Global Movement’ or grab yourself a trophy in the form of a poster, postcard, book, T-shirt, CD or a limited editioned print of an original that featured in the exhibition.


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