Mau Mau: 'The World Is Ours'

Mau Mau: 'The World Is Ours'

Mau Mau (British)

'The World Is Ours'

  • Spray paint on wood
  • 100cm x 117cm

Mau Mau has produced some of the most satirical works seen throughout the Street Art movement, and has worked with the likes of Banksy, Dizzie Rascal, Surfers Against Sewage and Greenpeace to name a few.

From stencil, installation to his own TV series The Mildlife, Mau Maus Animal Farm style characters focus our societies and politics to reflect on our changing world. Hilariously masquerading as arguably, more abstract characters from reality, his stable of urban creatures have grown to become icons in their own right, his foxes, pigs and sheep have appeared on walls from Japan to the States.

With an unmistakable aesthetic, Mau Mau has developed a cult following of people from all over the world, his honorary recognition in the Boom room is a nod to his various interventions in and around the city over the past 2 decade.